Fedora with noisy audio

If at any given moment the audio is very noisy, which happens most often when using Kontact or Kmail, edit ...

Asus Prime X370-Pro and Fedora

Changing BIOS parameters for Fedora. Whenever there is a BIOS update there is a need to change the following parameters.

Change the partition owner

By adding a hard disk for storing files to the system, we create the various desired partitions on it with the KDE Partition Manager. These partitions belong to the root superuser, which prevents us from saving files with our user.

Installing development tools on Fedora - KDevelop and Eclipse

This article shows you how to install the development tools for C, C ++, Python, QML / JavaScript and PHP as well as two IDE's - KDevelop and Eclipse.

How to Recover (Format) a PEN Drive on Linux

When recording an ISO image on a USB flash drive, for example images of operating systems, it is not usual to be able to reformat it in order to make it available again. In Windows or Mac environment we use an application called SD Memory Card Formatter from SD Association. On Linux we have to resort to the command line.

Nmap - practical use

General scanning of your intranet.

LAMP on Fedora

This article shows you how to install and configure the Apache web server, PHP and MySQL on Fedora.

Jekyll on Fedora - Installation and use

Jekyll is a generator of static sites, with blog recognition, for personal sites, projects or organizations, with support for GitHub.

Fedora Virtualization

Create virtual machines with virt-manager. Customization example.

Google Drive on KDE Plasma with KIO GDrive

To integrate Google Drive into the Dolphin file manager, install kio-gdrive.

How to change the hostname on Linux

If we forget to customize the machine name during the installation of the operating system, we can do it later. The easiest method is using the command line.