Installing OpenIndiana Hipster 2022.10

  • Get the OpenIndiana Hipster
  • Install
  • Add repositories
  • Install applications

Get the OpenIndiana Hipster


Get the image from the official website and save the Pen Drive with the command (in linux)


[pratajo@amd64 ~]$ su -

 (introduza a password de root)

[root@amd64 ~]$ dd if=image.usb of=/dev/sdb


Attention: to confirm the USB drive letter, use the command lsblk


[root@amd64 ~]$ lsblk




I recommend reading the Hipster Handbook before installation. You will find instructions that may have application on your specific hardware.

In the case of a "live" distribution, the new operating system will run from the USB stick, without making any changes to the hard disk. You can test Hipster and, if you want, install it on your hard drive.

During installation, create a secure password for Root (administrator) and a user for yourself.

Finally restart the computer, remove the USB stick, enter your personal user and update the entire system.


pratajo@hp:~$ su

 (enter the root password)

root@hp:~$ pkg update



Add repositories


root@hp:~$ pkg set-publisher -O hipster-encumbered



Install applications


root@hp:~$ pkg install vlc