Focusrite iTrack Dock and Roland A-49

The Roland A-49 controller keyboard receives power exclusively from the UBS port. But in the factory setting, the POWER indicator only lights up if it receives power and compatible data communication. So the indicator lights up if the USB cable is connected to a computer's USB port. But it doesn't light up when...

Photo restoration with GIMP

For photo restoration, it is essential to install the Resynthesizer plug-in in GIMP. This plug-in is found in the Fedora repositories.

Focusrite iTrack Dock noisy when iPad is charged

The iTrack Dock is an audio interface designed specifically for the iPad. Fits many Apple tablets that use the lightning plug. Includes microphone/instrument inputs and monitor outputs. What makes this device unique is the fact that it charges the iPad while it is in use. However many users report the same defect: a noise that arises from the 96% charge of the iPad and that increases when we move the image.