Change the partition owner



By adding a hard disk for storing files to the system, we create the various desired partitions on it with the KDE Partition Manager. These partitions belong to the root superuser, which prevents us from saving files with our user. One method of changing the partition owner is using the command line. But first we need to mount the new partitions, selecting them in the file manager, in our case Dolphin.


[pratajo@amd64 ~]$ su -

 (enter the root password)

[root@amd64 ~]# cd /run/media/pratajo

[root@amd64 ~]# ls


The ls command lists the various partitions already mounted on this disk. It remains for us to change the owner of the various partitions created with the following command (without the quotes):


[root@amd64 pratajo]# chown "your username":"your usergroup" -R "nome da partição"


For example:


[root@amd64 pratajo]# chown pratajo:pratajo -R Software


The -R option of the chown command extends the owner change to subfolders, recursively.